The WOW! Pledge

  • To keep your bill as low as possible by standing up to the increasing fees networks demand
  • To negotiate in good faith with networks and keep you updated
  • To ask network owners not to use viewers’ loyalty against them during negotiations
  • As possible, to provide options and solutions if a network does remove its channel

Discovery Update

We are currently in talks with Discovery Communications, the owner of Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, American Heroes, OWN, TLC, and a number of other cable networks. Our existing agreement expires on December 31, and Discovery wants a large increase in the fees they charge for these networks.

Discovery networks will stay on your cable lineup as long as we’re allowed to bring them to you. But Discovery may remove their channels until a new agreement is reached. WOW! and other small, independent cable companies across the country are working to negotiate a fair price and prevent that from happening.

Big network fee increases have a direct impact on your bill. It’s a nationwide problem affecting all cable and satellite providers. That’s why we pledge to convince network owners to keep their fees reasonable. Keep checking The WOW Pledge for updates – we’ll keep you posted.







Programming and a Simple Goal

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