Is WOW! going to drop WTVW and WEHT?
WOW! will keep WTVW and WEHT on the Evansville channel lineup as long as the station’s owner, Nexstar Broadcasting, lets us. We are working to reach a fair agreement with Nexstar to let us continue delivering their stations to Evansville customers after our current contract expires.

Why is Nexstar asking me to call WOW to prevent you from dropping WTVW and WEHT?
WOW! has no intention of removing WTVW and WEHT. We need the station owner’s permission to keep it on your channel lineup, and Nexstar Broadcasting has demanded that WOW! and our customers pay more than twice last year’s price. Nexstar is attempting to use your loyalty to apply pressure as we try to reach an agreement to bring you their channels at a reasonable value.

Why doesn’t WOW! just give Nexstar what they want?
We believe a 100+% increase for the same programming is extreme. Giving in to this unreasonable demand would put even more pressure on the price you pay for cable TV. WOW! wants to bring you the best TV choice and value -- that’s why we’re working to reach a fair agreement with Nexstar for WTVW and WEHT.

What will happen if Nexstar won’t let WOW! keep WTVW and WEHT?
We’ll do everything possible to prevent that from happening, and we’re confident we’ll reach an agreement very soon.

Why shouldn’t I switch to another TV provider so I don’t have to worry about WOW!’s problems with WTVW and WEHT?
Unfortunately, that won’t help. The American Television Alliance reports that in just one week in 2013, six different pay-TV providers in 58 cities faced unnecessary broadcast blackouts. It’s happening to every major TV provider, and the problem gets worse every year. Several providers have come out in public support of one another to help get rid of these unnecessary disruptions once and for all.

So what should I do?
Remember that your patience has a direct impact on your monthly bill. Nexstar is using all its resources to upset you so you’ll think about switching and ultimately pay more for the same thing. Let WOW! work for you, and stay informed. Check The WOW! Pledge for the straight story, or sign up for periodic email updates.

What is retransmission consent?
WOW! won't get rid of a major broadcast station because only the station itself can decide that. Since 1992, television station owners have been authorized by Congress to grant or deny permission for a cable television provider to re-transmit their signals. This right is renewable every three years, and broadcasters’ demands for retransmission consent have been skyrocketing. The law also allows the local broadcast network affiliates like WTVW and WEHT to prevent WOW! from offering a neighboring affiliate that offers the same national programming. If you think this is working against your family, you can visit americantelevisionalliance.org to express your concerns to your local Congressional representatives. The movement to protect families from these sorts of unnecessary blackouts continues to gain momentum, and your voice certainly helps.











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