What channels does Discovery own?
As one of the nation’s largest media conglomerates, Discovery Communications owns these networks that are currently offered by WOW!:

Discovery Channel Science
American Heroes Channel Velocity
Discovery Fit & Health Animal Planet
Discovery Family Channel TLC
Investigation Discovery OWN
Destination America   

Is WOW! going to drop Discovery Channel, American Heroes, Animal Planet, TLC and other Discovery Communications networks?
WOW! will keep Discovery channels on your channel lineup as long as the networks’ owner, Discovery Communications, lets us. Discovery Communications is a huge media conglomerate, and they have made exorbitant demands of small cable companies across the country. We are working to reach a fair agreement with Discovery to let us continue delivering their channels after our current contract expires. We believe we’ll be successful.

Why is Discovery asking me to call WOW! to prevent you from dropping their networks?
WOW! has no intention of removing Discovery networks. We will continue bringing these networks to you as long as we have permission to do so. Discovery has demanded that WOW! and our customers pay way more than last year’s price. And Discovery is attempting to use your loyalty to apply pressure as we try to bring you their channels at a reasonable value.

Why doesn’t WOW! just give Discovery what they want?
Network owners agree to let us carry their networks in exchange for a monthly fee per customer. We want to keep you as a WOW! customer, and we know that means giving you the best TV choice and value. Discovery wants much higher rates for all their channels. We are trying to reach a fair agreement with Discovery that has less impact on your monthly bill, and we are optimistic that we’ll succeed.

What will happen if Discovery won’t let WOW! keep their channels?
We have asked Discover to extend permission to bring you their networks after our current contract expires. We’ll continue our efforts to reach a reasonable agreement.

Why shouldn’t I switch to another TV provider so I don’t have to worry about WOW!’s problems with Discovery?
We want you to stay with WOW! and here’s why. The fact is that most TV providers (including cable, satellite and telephone companies) face the same problem. The situation gets worse every year. So even if you were to switch to another provider, chances are you would have the same problem down the road with different channels. Network owners don’t care about your cost, time and inconvenience; they get paid either way.

So what should I do?
Remember that your patience has a direct impact on your monthly bill. WOW! is working to keep your bill as low as possible – not Discovery. Discovery is one of the country’s biggest media conglomerates, using all its resources to upset you so you’ll think about switching and ultimately pay more for the same thing. We urge you to let WOW! work for you, and stay informed. Check The WOW! Pledge for the straight story, or sign up for periodic email updates.











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